With land selection comming up I have been hard at work getting this place put together.  Posts are now up on the official forums, and I'd like to welcome anyone dropping by to check the site out.  All the set up for site, discord, and CoE forum stuff is worked out, and everything should be much simpler going forward.  The intro page has been redesigned and pages regarding different groups in the county added.  Currently the Chamber and Citadel pages have some simple links and the other county pages will get brought online in a future update.  The forums have also been greatly expanded.  This included forums that will be for specific groups to start threads on like settlement leaders, guild leaders, and business leaders.

Coventry has also joined the Kingdom of Aranor as a grand county.  Aranor is an honest bunch that don't take themselves too seriously even if they can get a little salty, and I'm glad to be a part of the kingdom.

Welcome to all!

Website Launch

Zoidberg a posted Apr 3, 17

After setting this site up bit by bit, all the pieces are in place, and I'm rather proud of what I've put together.  I have to give Nether's friend Phantoms a big thanks for a couple of lines of code that helped me to get the splash page just the way I wanted it.

The website is now active for all intents and purposes, but since I'm not quite to the point of promoting it, it will still be pretty empty for a while.  However, with this site serving as the seat of my presence in the CoE community, I will become active and begin engaging with other kingdoms and groups with the initial goal of finding a good home for the county on the NA-West server and getting to know many of you who may be visiting here for the first time.

I've created a thread for general correspondence in the forums for any well wishers or others who want to get my attention, and the join section has a very simple little application for those who want to be part of the community.  Don't forget to check the intro section if you are interested in my plans for the county.

As for what is comming next, I will be looking into making a basic lore section for the county of Coventry and outline sections for planning out features of the county.